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Lease the Pro-Tracker® System

Now you, your friends and family can all increase your chances of recovering your trophy animals! For only $99, you can lease the revolutionary Pro-Tracker® System for your hunting trip!

Rather than purchasing the Pro-Tracker® System to own, you can lease the system to use on your hunt. Better yet, should you decide to keep the Pro-Tracker® system when you’re hunt is complete, you can get it for the regular retail price, minus what you’ve already paid to lease the system!

Simply fill out the form below and we will reach out to you soon!

If you have questions please call Gary at (801) 608-0190 or email us.

Lease Payments:

Lessee shall pay to Pro-Tracker Archery $99.00 per week or the agreed rate if longer, payable in advance on the first day of the lease that they Pro-Tracker system is delivered to the customer. Lease payments are to be paid in advance.


Lessee shall be entitled to possession on the first day the Pro-Tracker System is delivered to Lessee. At the expiration of the term above, Lessee shall return the Pro-Tracker System and accessories at the Lessee’s expense in as good condition and working as when delivered to Lessee, ordinary wear and tear expected.

Product Insurance:

Pro-Tracker offers product insurance for an additional $60 per week. For each day over the 7 day lease Pro-Tracker will access a prorate rate per day of $8.57 if the Lessee does not return the Complete Pro-Tracker System in accordance with the agreements return date. The Liability insurance covers 100% of anything that goes wrong with the equipment. The insurance does not cover any part of the hunters trip or loss of animal or the product not working as intended. Only the equipment itself is covered by this insurance.