BAD BOYS™ Arrow Sleeve Technology



When kinetic energy ends, the BAD BOYS™ momentum gets the job done! Patented FOC arrow sleeves that slide over the shaft of your arrow, allowing your shot to carry more momentum for fatal penetration.


Slide on & Shoot
Deadly Accurate
More Penetration
Interchangeable in Field
Fits all Arrows
Grain Sizes: 62–300 grains

We offer
hunting guide services
using the

We proudly offer hunting guide services, uniquely enhanced by the precision and accuracy of
BAD BOYS™ arrow sleeves. Our experienced guides utilize these cutting-edge arrow sleeves to maximize your bowhunting success, ensuring you hit your targets with unmatched precision. Join us for an unforgettable hunting experience that combines expertise, technology, and the thrill of the hunt—all made better with BAD BOYS™.


Optimal Arrow Flight: BAD BOYS™ Arrow Sleeves are designed to reduce air resistance and turbulence, ensuring a smoother and more stable arrow flight. This improved aerodynamics means your arrows are less likely to veer off course due to wind or other external factors, giving you a higher chance of hitting your target accurately..

Enhanced Accuracy: Consistency is key in bowhunting, and these sleeves help you achieve just that. By reducing the variability in arrow flight, BAD BOYS™ Sleeves enable you to shoot with greater accuracy, making it easier to consistently hit your mark, whether it's a big game animal or a target in competitive archery..

Increased Penetration: The streamlined design of BAD BOYS™ Arrow Sleeves not only improves accuracy but also enhances arrow penetration. With reduced drag, your arrows can maintain their kinetic energy and momentum over longer distances, allowing for deeper and more effective penetration into your target, which is crucial for a clean and ethical harvest..

Versatility: These sleeves are compatible with a wide range of arrow types and can be used with various bow setups, making them a versatile choice for bowhunters of all levels. Whether you prefer traditional or compound bows, BAD BOYS™ Sleeves can help improve your shooting performance.

Easy Installation: BAD BOYS™ Arrow Sleeves are easy to install and require no special tools or equipment. This user-friendly design ensures that even beginners can benefit from the advantages they offer without any hassle..

Patented Technology

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