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About Pro-Tracker Archery

Gary Christensen, President of Pro-Tracker Archery

Every hunter has felt the pain of losing wounded game at one point.

There are many reasons why an animal might not be recovered.

Sometimes game only bleed internally and don’t leave a blood trail, or flee into impossible terrain. Sometimes the weather takes a sudden turn.

We all feed bad when we don’t recover out game.

It was for this reason that Michael Ferguson and Gary Christensen decided to invent the Pro-Tracker® Recovery System.

They decided it was time to overcome these obstacles and recover game without detracting from the method in which one chooses to hunt. The Pro-Tracker® Recovery System needed to be the one sure method for the ethical recovery of all wounded game.

This bowhunting Recovery System uses a radio frequency barbed transmitter hook that rests on the top of your arrow. The holding carrier screws onto your arrow shaft and the transmitter sits in the carrier. When the arrow hits the target, the transmitter detaches itself from the carrier and attaches itself to the animal’s hide, allowing the arrow to continue its flight.

The transmitter then emits a specific radio frequency which can be picked up from up to 2 miles away. The Pro-Tracker® Receiver then tracks that radio frequency and allows you to track how close you are to the transmitter.