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Frequently Asked Questions

Is it Legal?

Indicates states where we believe based on our reading of the State regulations the use of the Pro-Tracker System are prohibited. 

We are not legal authorities. You must do your own extensive research on your own state’s laws. 

Alabama: Yes

Alaska: No

Arizona: Use at your own discretion (unlawful to use electronic night vision equipment, electronically enhanced light-gathering devices, thermal imaging devices or laser sights; except for devices such as laser range finders, scopes with self illuminating reticles, and fiber optic sights with self-illuminating sights or pins that do not project a visible light onto an animal. I is unlawful to use tracking devices to aid in the taking of wild game).

Arkansas: No (It is unlawful to use electronic tracking devices to locate wildlife or computer assisted hunting equipment)

California: Use at own discretion (has several municipalities, most of which have their own additions or addendums in regards to legal hunting equipment)

Colorado: Use at own discretion (Colorado does have specific restrictions in regards to battery operated equipment on bows and arrows. Tracking devices, specifically, are not mentioned in the regulatory manual).

Connecticut: Yes

Delaware: Yes

Florida: Yes

Georgia: Use at own discretion (it is unlawful to kill or cripple game without reasonable efforts to retrieve. Unlawful to use electronic communications equipment to aid in the pursuit of game).

Hawaii: Yes

Idaho: No (cannot take big game with aide of radio telemetry)

‡ Illinois: No (electronic devices, including but not limited to those that use radio telemetry, are not permitted)

Indiana: Yes

Iowa: Use at your own discretion (it is unlawful to use dogs, domestic animals, bait, radios, handguns, rifles and crossbows , automobiles, aircraft, electronic calls or any mechanical conveyance or device to hunt deer. You cannot use a two-way mobile radio transmitter to communicate the location or direction of game or furbearing animals, or to coordinate the movement of other hunters).

Kansas: Yes

Kentucky: No

Louisiana: Yes

Maine: Yes

Maryland: Yes

Massachusetts: Yes

Michigan: Yes

Minnesota: No

Missouri: Yes

Montana: No (electronic or battery-powered devices attached to a hunting bow. – A bow sight or arrow which uses artificial light, luminous chemicals such as tritium, or electronics).

‡ Nevada: No (it is unlawful to hunt any wildlife with an arrow that has any chemical, explosive, or electronic devices attached).

Nebraska: Yes

New Hampshire: Yes

New Jersey: Yes

New Mexico: Yes

New York: Yes

North Carolina: No

North Dakota: Use at your own discretion (Telescopic sights, range finding devices, battery- powered or electronically lighted sights or other electronic devices attached to the bow, or the arrow, are not permitted (exception: lighted nocks and recording devices which do not aid in range finding, sighting or shooting the bow are permitted). Handheld range finding devices are legal).

Ohio: Yes

Oklahoma: Yes

Oregon: No (electronic devices may not be attached to bow or arrow).

Pennsylvania: Yes

Rhode Island: Yes

South Carolina: Yes

South Dakota: No

Tennessee: Yes

Texas: Yes

Utah: Yes

Vermont: Yes

Virginia: Yes

Washington: No (It is unlawful to have any electrical equipment or electric device(s), except for illuminated nocks, attached to the bow or arrow while hunting).

West Virginia: Yes

Wisconsin: Yes, as long as it used for the purpose it was intended.

Wyoming: Yes

*Disclaimer:  This research was obtained by the staff of Pro-Tracker Archery™ and is not to be considered a legal representation as to law. When using the Pro-Tracker system the user must assume any responsibility as to the State regulations that they are in. This is only a guide.

About our Pro-Tracker® System

A:  Keep it charging in the charger! The transmitter must remain in the charger 24/7 when not in use. Not keeping it charged will void the warranty. After your hunt, clean off any residue (blood, dirt, grass, etc.), and begin to charge it.

A:  The Pro-Tracker® System consists of three components:

  •   An 7075 Aluminum Carrier that screws into your arrow and holds the transmitter

  •   A Transmitter (with a barbed hook) attaches to the animal when it is hit with the arrow & emits a radio signal after it is ejected from the arrow.

  •   A Receiver that tracks the transmitters radio signal once it attaches to the animal.

These three work together with your tracking skills to recover your animal faster after the shot.

A:  The contacts on the transmitter must be cleaned off of any blood or residue to allow for proper charging.  Also, we do recommend keeping your transmitter charging in the charging station whenever not being used to maintain optimal charging capability.

A.  Yes, the transmitter is waterproof. It is absolutely necessary that it is waterproof… think of the blood! Don’t be afraid to take out in the rain!

The Receiver is only water resistant and cannot be submerged under water.

A.  Slow Down!  When trying to locate your animal and get a reading from the receiver please allow a few seconds in each direction to allow adequate time for the transmitter and receiver to “talk”

A.  Did you cut your existing arrow 3.5″ shorter before adding the carrier?  The arrow must be cut down so when the carrier is attached it will be the length of the original arrow.

Make sure the hook is in the straight up position.  A hook that is tilted right or left may cause the arrow to drift.

Lastly, make sure when your arrow is pulled back that the carrier is pulled up onto your rest.  The carrier was designed to be raised up on the rest to help compensate for any drop.

A. The arrow will need to be shortened 3.5 inches. You’ll need to deduct the weight of 3.5 inches. Depending on the spine and type of arrow, this can, on average, range from 35–45 grains.

  • The 7075 Aluminum Carrier: 100 grains (But remember, you’ll be cutting off that 3.5 inches. The weight to your arrow is more like 55–65 grains. 
  • The Transmitter: 120 grains
  • The Dummy Transmitter: 120 grains
  • Retainer Clips: 3.5 grains


Its groundbreaking design screws into the shaft, keeping the majority of the mass in the center of the arrow at the front of the shaft. The added weight gives the arrow more kinetic energy to penetrate deeper into your animal. Its location also helps keep the arrow balanced and allows the arrow to rotate to keep your shot true to your target. When your bow is drawn, the carrier raises the arrow about 2 mm to help compensate for the additional weight. The system comes with a practice dummy transmitter so you can make sure your pins are set correctly to be accurate with the system. Most bowhunters (90%) have reported to us they haven’t needed to re-sight. 

A. The Receiver has a digital display that tells you how far away the transmitter is, what number transmitter you are following, the time of day, how long you have been tracking the animal and the battery life of the receiver.  You are able to program 6 different transmitter numbers into it, making it a system that can be shared by the whole family or with your hunting buddies. The display is easily read in the daytime and has a backlit display that can be turned on at night to track that last minute giant buck that emerges from the trees at dusk. Nothing more fun than tracking your animal in the pitch black woods!

A. Absolutely! They work great with all broad-heads.

A. The Pro-Tracker® System uses a plastic Shear Pin system to connect the Transmitter & Aluminum Carrier together. The Transmitter stays secure in the Aluminum Carrier when the arrow is released and the Shear Pin connection is broken when the arrow impacts with your animal. It only takes the impact of hitting your target to break the shear pin connection.

A. Yes it does. But the velocity at which crossbows shoot bolts creates a g-force that strains the shear pin connection. Therefore, if you are using Pro-Tracker® with your crossbow, we give you a set of Crossbow Secure Bands that help hold the Transmitter in place. This way the transmitter stays connected until impacting your animal.

A. The Pro-Tracker has a range up to 2 miles but it will vary in dense areas, could be 1 mile, 1.75 miles, etc. The receiver will start receiving a signal the moment the transmitter is shot allowing you to track your animal asap.

A.  The batteries are low, replace them immediately.

A. The Transmitter is rechargeable and it’s charger uses a USB cable for power just like your cell phone. While the Transmitter is connected to the carrier it uses no power until it is attached to the animal. Once it is attached to the animal it has 18-20 hours of battery life in order for you to find and recover your animal. Plenty of time to do what you need to do.

A. We decided to use Radio Frequencies in our Transmitters for a number of reasons. First is the varying terrain that hunters encounter in the wild sometimes does not lend itself to finding enough satellites to bounce the location off of for GPS. Second, the battery size needed to power a GPS system is too big to fit inside of our transmitter and weighs more than the one we use for our Radio Frequency Devices. Bluetooth devices have a very limited range. A bluetooth device has a maximum range of 50 yards while with radio frequency we have a range of 2 miles. That is over 70 times the distance.

A. It works. After thorough testing we have determined it is what is needed to hold up with the impact. It gives use the most accuracy with the most durability. Better big than losing a wounded animal.

About our Bad Boys™

A: The extra weight does slow down your arrow… however, the advantage is just the opposite! With more weight behind the broadhead/field tip, it’ll keep driving the arrow deeper— INCREASING penetration and accuracy!

A: This depends on the game. We recommend the following sizes based on the game you’re after:

Weight in GrainsHunting Usage
100 grainsSmall game (groundhogs, rabbit, wild turkey)
125 – 150 grainsMedium Game (pronghorn, whitetail deer)
200 – 350 grainsLarge Game (black bear, wild boar, elk)
300 – 400 grainsLargest Game (grizzly bear, cape buffalo, musk ox, elephant)

A: Yes, we’ve actually shot the Bad Boys™ before using that rest. If you go any higher on grain weight you’ll have a tendency to drag a little bit on the side of your drop-away rest.

About our Arrows

A: Our micro arrows work really well with FMJ arrows.