Common Questions and Answers

Q.  Why is my transmitter not charging after I recovered my animal?

A.  The contacts on the transmitter must be cleaned of any blood or residue to allow for proper

       charging.  Also, we do recommend keeping your transmitter charging in the charging station whenever not

       being used to maintain optimal charging capability.

Q.  Is the unit waterproof?

A.  Yes, the transmitter is waterproof.  The Receiver is only water resistant and can not be

       submerged under water.

Q.  I lost the signal while trying to recover my animal, why?

A.  Slow Down!  When trying to locate your animal and get a reading from the receiver please allow a few

       seconds in each direction to allow adequate time for the transmitter and receiver to “talk”.

Q.  Why is the flight of my arrow affected after transmitter is added?

A.  Did you cut your existing arrow 3.5″ shorter before adding the carrier?  The arrow must be cut down so

      when the carrier is attached it will be the length of the original arrow.

A.  Make sure the hook is in the straight up position.  A hook that is tilted right or left may cause the arrow to


A.  Lastly, make sure when your arrow is pulled back that the carrier is pulled up onto your rest.  The carrier

       was designed to be raised up on the rest to help compensate for any drop.

Q.  Why am I getting sporadic or inconsistent numbers on my receiver?

A.  The batteries are low, replace them immediately.