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Become a Dealer


Have you ever wanted to have your own business? With the cost of living going up every month, your money is buying less and less. Pro-Tracker Archery is looking for top archers and Families to join our Pro-Staff Sales Team. As a Pro-Staff member we can provide you this opportunity to earn the extra money you need every month. There is no inventory to buy, no monthly fees. You can now earn money by simply talking about the products you love! Become a member of our Pro-Staff Sales Team today.

Every one of us is looking for more ways to generate more disposable income. When you join our Pro-Staff Sales family it is easy to make friends selling products that every archer needs. You and your family can make money talking to friends and neighbors who love the same things you do. As an independent and exclusive Pro-Staff Team member for Pro-Tracker Archery, you and your customers will have access to products only available through Pro-Tracker Archery. Our Pro-Staff dealership program is designed so that every time you sell products to someone you make money—that’s right, on every order! There is no inventory to buy; Pro-Tracker Archery has the products in stock and we will be your warehouse. The Archery industry is the fastest-growing hunting sport and increasing at a rate of 10–12 percent per year. Archers need the products you will be telling them about. The opportunity is endless, everyone knows someone. If the customer you are talking to does not archery hunt he knows someone who does. 


Our Products are the best on the market. This business plan has been developed for the average person or family who wants to supplement their monthly income without the hassle of buying inventory. You never have to buy a product or use your garage as a warehouse. Your job will be to refer your friends and fellow archery hunters to Pro-Tracker Archery. Every time you or one of your customers orders products from our website you are securing your future in business and making money. We design and build our products using sound ethical guidelines with impeccable quality today’s archer needs. Our products are engineered to withstand the brutal forces of nature. You will earn additional special bonuses every time your total Pro-Staff sales reach the next level.