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Bad Boys™ (Pack of 3) FOC Made Easy

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Fits Standard OR Micro Shaft Arrows

  • FOC made easy, no re-sighting necessary
  • Effective shots with increased inertia
  • Increase your shots momentum without sacrificing accuracy
  • Easy to use and interchangeable whether shooting in the field or on the range
  • Comes in the colors (respective for each weight) and BLACK!


Bad Boys™ combine front of center technology and simplicity into an easy to use product made to increase your shots effectiveness without sacrificing accuracy. Just as important as speed, arrow FOC is a key factor affecting both arrow flight and penetration.

The Bad Boys™ are the archery pro’s essential for an effective, accurate shot. Hunting big game requires the right tools to land an effective kill shot, the first time. Pro bowhunters rely on the Bad Boys™ to ensure their hunt is successful. We’ve developed a product that allows bowhunters to focus on increasing their FOC without the hassle.

Increase your shots momentum, without sacrificing accuracy using the Bad Boys™.

bad boys foc arrow weight installation

Weight in Grains

Hunting Usage

100gr Small Game (groundhogs, rabbit, wild turkey)
125-150gr Medium Game (pronghorn, whitetail deer)
200-350gr Large Game (black bear, wild boar, elk)
300-400gr Largest Game (grizzly bear, cape buffalo, musk ox, elephant)


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