Practice Dummy Transmitter Alpha


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This Practice Dummy Transmitter Alpha can help you practice shooting and make sure your pins are set correctly with the system. The Practice Dummy Transmitter is designed to be the exact same shape, weight, and function just like the actual Radio Frequency Transmitter.

To use the Practice Dummy Transmitter you must remove 3.5 inches from the end of your arrow. If you are using a crossbow then you will only need to remove inches from your bolt if the head would go far past the flight groove/arrow track. Then you attach an Aluminum Carrier to the arrow. The Aluminum Carrier will carry the Practice Dummy Transmitter which will be attached with a Shear Pin and Secure Band. When the arrow strikes a soft target the Shear Pin will break and the dummy transmitter with detach from the carrier just like the Radio Frequency Transmitter will detach into the animal’s hide.

The Alpha model of the Practice Dummy Transmitter comes in a Bright Green which is optimized to be most visible in low light conditions. It also features a high tensile strength steel hook with three barbs for maximum hold and durability.