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Bad Boys (Pack of 3) FOC Made Easy

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 105 reviews)

Bad Boys™ are an FOC arrow sleeve that slides over the shaft of your arrow, allowing your shot to carry more momentum for fatal penetration.

  • Most popular sizes: 100gr and 125gr
  • Fits Standard OR Micro Shaft Arrows
  • Shoots great 20, 40, 60+ yards with only minor adjustments
  • Effective shots with increased inertia
  • Increase your shots momentum without sacrificing accuracy
  • Easy to use and interchangeable, both in field and range

The Bad Boys™ are engineered to shoot where your current arrow is dialed in; It’ll hit the same place around 20-30 yards. With farther distances, like 40, 50, 60 yards, it will only need minor adjustments. We made a product that is easy to switch sleeve weights out in the field without having to fiddle with retuning!



Bad Boys (Pack of 3) FOC Made Easy


Satisfied cut short

February 1, 2021

SHOT: 150gr

I was very happy with the results I was getting with my bad boy sleeves. I shot a doe with one of the 150 grain sleeves on my arrow. The shot was about 27 yards and I had a complete pass through. Then my season was cut short do to neck surgery. Hopefully I will get back to using them before long. If not I will be trying out the ones for crossbows.

Billy Stevens


January 28, 2021



Bad Boys and Arrow

January 7, 2021

Love this combo. The arrows are perfectly strong and the forgiveness is amazing. With the Bad Boys attached they hit with the toughness of a young Mike Tyson. I have only use these to target shoot but will be hog hunting with them in the upcoming weeks. Will another write a review after that hunt.


Response from Pro-Tracker Archery

Fantastic! Mike Tyson toughness— couldn’t have said it better ourselves!

Very impressed with 150gr and made a complete passthrough

November 19, 2020

My wife and I were excited to use and try the products made by Pro-Tracker Archery. I used the Bad Boy 150 grain weight forward on my arrow. My arrow alone with the broadhead weighed 414 grains. The Bad Boy added 150 grains for a total of 564 grains. I shot a large cow from a tree stand at 25 yards. Hitting her from behind the shoulder, the arrow was a complete pass through, hitting a rib on entry, and breaking through a rib on the exit side. I have been fortunate in my life to harvest many elk and to assist others taking elk. I have only seen a couple of complete pass throughs. Very impressed with the Bad Boy weight forward and will continue to use the Bad Boy on all my hunting arrows. I was very impressed with its ease of installation, and the 150 grain Bad Boy required no sight change to use.

Jason Barnard

Didn’t break my arrow tip as promised!

October 19, 2020

So there I was at the Total Archery Challenge at Snowbasin Ski Resort in Utah. I’m about to head up the mountain to destroy some arrows against the granite rocks. Not on purpose, it’s the angle and distance that the 3D animal targets are set up in some if the roughest terrain imaginable. But then I saw a pop up tent with some archery stuff for sell do I go up and talk to Gary with Pro Tracker. He had a product called Bad Boys that slip onto the front if the arrow and guarantee that the tip will not break! I bought half a dozen and Gary helped me install them and up the mountain I went. True to his word it protected the tip of the arrow against those granite rocks! I bought another half dozen and went home a happy archer!

Steve Farmer

Response from Pro-Tracker Archery

This is great! Thank you Steve.