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Bad Boys (Pack of 3) FOC Made Easy

Bad Boys are an FOC arrow sleeve that slides over the shaft of your arrow, allowing your shot to carry more momentum for fatal penetration. You do NOT cut your arrow with Bad Boys! Simply slide over arrow shaft and secure with broadhead or field point.

  • Most popular sizes: 100gr and 125gr
  • Fits both Standard and Micro Shaft Arrows (comes with head shrink tubes for smaller shafts)
  • Shoots great at 20–30 yards.  40+ yards only needs minor adjustments
  • Effective shots with increased inertia
  • Increase your shots momentum without sacrificing accuracy
  • Easy to use and interchangeable, both in field and range
  • Comes in Colors (respective for each weight) and Standard Black!

The Bad Boys are engineered to shoot where your current arrow is dialed in; It’ll hit the same place around 20-30 yards. With farther distances, like 40, 50, 60 yards, it will only need minor adjustments. We made a product that is easy to switch sleeve weights out in the field without having to fiddle with retuning!



Bad Boys (Pack of 3) FOC Made Easy

Ready for the ultimate FOC Powerhouse!

Simply slide one of these Bad Boys onto the front of your arrow’s shaft, screw on your favorite broadhead of choice, and shoot. Watch history be made.

Bad Boys™ combine front of center technology and simplicity into an easy to use product made to increase your shots effectiveness without sacrificing accuracy. Just as important as speed, arrow FOC is a key factor affecting both arrow flight and penetration.

What are Bad Boys and why use them out in the field? 

Bad Boys are an FOC arrow sleeve that slides over the shaft of your arrow, allowing your shot to carry more momentum, which creates fatal penetration.

Hunters that have used and reported their game was shot and on the ground quickly! That’s like a UFC knockout!

The pass through of Bad Boys has been instrumental to hunters recovering their game faster. The game isn’t suffering or in agony for hours; The punch behind the Bad Boys allows for clean and fast kills.

And that hunting trip that you’d planned out for weeks and weeks—well you’ll have more than a good “fish story” to tell. You’ll come back with a fantastic hunting success story and meat to share!


Ok, here’s the nitty-gritty about the Bad Boys:


Effective and Accurate

By increasing arrow FOC, you improve shot effectiveness without sacrificing accuracy.


Lethal Punch

To borrow from a favorite neighborhood spider, “With More Mass, Comes Greater Penetration.” Or something like that. In short, Your target requires penetration. So the bigger the game, the more you rely on momentum and penetration to get the job done. This is at the heart of Bad Boys.


Fits Standard & Micro Shaft Arrows

The Bad Boys strengthen your arrows making them pound harder upon impact of bone, resulting in less breakage and deeper penetration.


Easily interchangeable

Literally you unscrew your broadhead, slide on a Bad Boy, screw your favorite broadhead back on, and shoot!


Works for you, not against you

  • Shoots great at 20–30 yards.  40+ yards only needs minor adjustments


Comes in a variety of grain weights:

62*, 100, 125, 200, 250, and 300. You’ll select the grain weight based on what game you’re hunting. Feel free to call with any questions or if you need suggestions on what size you require!

*Match-grade quality. Can be used in field and in competition. Called the Bad Boys Jar Lickers.

Outstanding Price:

Archery gear and equipment is pricey! We get it. (And so do our wives…) But Bad Boys sleeves are the simple & inexpensive solution to increasing your shot’s penetration!

Note: Bad Boys slide OVER the shaft for Compound bows. They do not slide over shaft of crossbows: they screw INTO your bolt. 


Weight in Grains

Hunting Usage

62*–100gr Small Game (groundhogs, rabbit, wild turkey)
125–150gr Medium Game (pronghorn, whitetail deer)
200–250gr Large Game (black bear, wild boar, elk)
300gr Largest Game (grizzly bear, cape buffalo, musk ox, elephant)


*Match grade. The 62-grain Bad Boys sleeve can be used for both hunting and archery competitions.


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