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Pro-Tracker® System Alpha — Receiver Only

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Looking to add another receiver to your hunting gear? Get the complete Pro-Tracker® Recovery System. Everything you need to guarantee the recovery of your trophy.

  • Pro-Tracker® System Receiver Only
  • When the blood trail ends, Protracker doesn’t
  • Rechargeable Transmitters have a range of up to 2 miles and battery life up to 20 hours
  • Transmitter detaches from arrow upon impact allowing for pass throughs and tracking the animal not the arrow
  • Hunt with confidence, hunt with Protracker


Pro-Tracker® System Alpha — Receiver Only

The Pro-Tracker® system ensures the recovery of your fatally wounded game. Every ethical hunter is troubled by the thought of losing wounded game, the Pro-Tracker® System allows for recovery of wounded game through the use of the latest technology. A poor shot, weather conditions and other factors out of a hunter’s control can make tracking impossible. Depending on a blood trail can result in failure. Unlike a lighted nock, the Pro-Tracker® System tracks your game, not just your arrow by detaching from the arrow and into the hide of the animal. Using radio transmission, the transmitter allows you to pinpoint the location of your fatally wounded animal. Hunt with confidence, hunt with Pro-Tracker Archery™

This package includes:

1 – Pro-Tracker® Receiver

The Pro-Tracker® System comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Download the Pro-Tracker® System User Manual here


( 47 CFR FCC part 97 )
Our low powered Pro-Tracker® transmitters shipped to addresses within the USA, operate only on Amateur Radio frequencies. According to FCC regulations, they require licensing for legal operation. There are no restrictions on their sale or possession, however Pro-Tracker® urges users to become familiar with and observe all laws and regulations governing Amateur Radio licensing and operation of the transmitters. Please note that Amateur Radio is not for commercial use. If you want to learn more about ham radio or to be licensed as a Technician Class ham radio operator please visit: or



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