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Crossbow O-Rings (qty 15)

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The crossbow set up is the same as the compound set up, with two exceptions: The O-Rings and the Secure Band. After the clip is resting against the Transmitter, slide on a black O-Ring.  Its function is to secure the Clip and Transmitter in place.  Screw on your arrow, being sure not to over-tighten.

All crossbows shoot differently. The Retainer Clips and Secure Bands require a different set-up based on your crossbow’s make and model. **Tell us in order notes the Make and Model of your Crossbow!** 



Crossbow O-Rings (qty 15)

  • For most Crossbows, you’ll need to use O-Rings and Secure Bands
  • Quantity of 15 O-Rings
  • Snuggly secures the Secure Clip and Transmitter
  • Comes in 2 sizes: 7mm (black) and 5.5mm (red). Most common size o-ring is the 7mm (black)


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