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Aluminum 7075 Carrier (3 Pack)

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Weight: 100 grains (each)





Aluminum 7075 Carrier (3 Pack)

This lightweight aerodynamic 7075 Aluminum Carrier is what screws into your arrow and holds the Pro-Tracker® Radio Frequency Transmitter. The Carrier is made from a 7075 aluminum alloy which is typically used in aerospace programs such as airplanes and NASA. It is the strongest aluminum alloy in the market and made to resist high velocity impacts. The Carrier’s aerodynamic designed also compensates for the weight and shape of the Radio Frequency Transmitter, meaning minimal adjustments to your equipment for the same precision.

Note: in order for the carriers to work properly with compound bows,  3.5 inches of the shaft must be removed from the arrow. Crossbows need only remove inches from their bolts if the head is going to be far past the end of the flight groove/arrow track.


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