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Arrow Protection Collar for Bowhunting

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The Maximum Arrow Protection Collars serve as a front-of-center (FOC) arrow sleeve, effortlessly fitting onto your arrow shaft. This enhances your shot’s momentum, ensuring deep penetration. No need to trim your arrow when using Bad Boys! Just slip the collar over the arrow shaft and fasten it securely with your broadhead or field point.

Our Maximum Arrow Protection Collars are designed to maintain accuracy at the same point as your current arrow setup, ensuring consistent hits at distances of approximately 20-30 yards. Even when shooting farther, such as 40, 50, or 60 yards, minimal adjustments are necessary. Our product allows for convenient sleeve weight changes in the field, eliminating the need for intricate retuning.

  • Fits both Standard and Micro Shaft Arrows for Compound bow setups (comes with heat-shrink tubes for smaller shafts)
  • Shoots great at 20–30 yards.  40+ yards only needs minor adjustments
  • Effective shots with increased inertia
  • Increase your shots momentum without sacrificing accuracy
  • Easy to use and interchangeable, both in field and range
  • Comes in Colors (respective for each weight) and Black!

Note: Does not work for Crossbow setups.



Arrow Protection Collar for Bowhunting

It’s as simple as sliding one of these Protection Collars onto your arrow’s shaft, attaching your preferred broadhead, and releasing the power. Get ready to witness history in the making!

Meet our Maximum Arrow Protection Collars – the perfect fusion of front-of-center innovation and user-friendliness, boosting your shots with lethal precision. Arrow FOC isn’t just about speed; it’s the secret sauce for nailing those spot-on shots.

So, what’s the deal with Protection Collars and why should they be your go-to out in the field?

Protection Collars are your FOC arrow enhancers, seamlessly fitting onto your arrow’s shaft, ramping up momentum for game-stopping penetration.

Hunters who’ve embraced Protection Collars rave about quicker takedowns, like a knockout in the UFC!

The pass-through prowess of Protection Collars has revolutionized game recovery, ensuring a clean and swift dispatch.

That meticulously planned hunting trip won’t just be another tall tale. You’ll be back with an epic hunting success story and enough meat to share!


More info about the Protection Collars:

Unmatched Precision

By elevating arrow FOC, you’re not just hitting targets; you’re hitting them with surgical precision, every single time.

Lethal Impact

In the words of a friendly neighborhood superhero, “More mass equals more penetration.” It’s all about that game-changing momentum and penetration, and Protection Collars deliver.

Fits All Arrows

Protection Collars reinforce your arrows, making them hit hard against bone, so you’re less likely to deal with arrow breakage and more likely to experience deeper penetration.

Switch with Ease

It’s a breeze – unscrew your broadhead, slip on a Protection Collar, reattach your favorite broadhead, and you’re locked and loaded!

Game-Changing Performance

Unleash power at 20–30 yards, with minimal tweaks needed for those long-range shots at 40+ yards.

Variety of Grain Weights:

Choose from 62* grains or 100 grains based on your game. Need advice? Just give us a shout!

*Match-grade. Suitable for both field action and competition.

Wallet-Friendly Price:

We get it, archery gear can break the bank (just ask our significant others!). But Protection Collars offer an affordable, no-nonsense solution to supercharge your shots!

Only for Compound bow setups.

Weight in Grains

Hunting Usage

62*–100gr Small Game (groundhogs, rabbit, wild turkey)
125–150gr Medium Game (pronghorn, whitetail deer)
200–250gr Large Game (black bear, wild boar, elk)
300gr Largest Game (grizzly bear, cape buffalo, musk ox, elephant)


*Match grade. The 62-grain collar can be used for both hunting and archery competitions.


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