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Bad Boys

We’re all about transparency. We want to show you how our Bad Boys™ work and what to expect when using them as your ultimate FOC gear.

What are the Bad Boys™ — Ultimate FOC on the market

Bad Boys™ is the simple and versatile solution to adding mass to the front of your arrows for a more impactful and effective shot.

Bad Boys™ Penetration Test

Slow motion milk jug penetration with various Bad Boys™ FOC grain sizes.

Bad Boys™ Test with Beef Shoulder

See how much deeper it’ll go with Bad Boys. We used the 150 grain.

Bad Boys™ — Grain Size

FOC is becoming more and more important to bowhunters. The FOC of an arrow can vary for many different reasons, and for many different bow hunters. In this video, Gary goes over our three different grain sized Bad Boys, and in what situation each of them would benefit your bowhunting needs. We have the 150, 200 and the 250 grain sized Bad Boy tips for both your Compound and/or Crossbow needs

How to Install Bad Boys™

See how easy it is to use Bad Boys™.

Bad Boys™ Review by Western Antler Hunters

Shows and tells his experience with Bad Boys™

Pro-Tracker™ System

Want to know more about the Pro-Tracker™ System? Here are some helpful videos that’ll show you how the system works.

Deer Recovered

See how easy the Pro-Tracker is to use.

How to Add a Transmitter

Add a transmitter to your system

The "How" behind the Pro-Tracker System

How does it work? We’ll show you!

Ethics of the Game

Wounding and Loss… and how to ethically recover

Pro-Tracker Product Walkthrough

This instructional and informational video will help you get up to speed on how to use your new Pro-Tracker System. Happy Hunting!

Competitive Archer & Bowhunter tests Pro-Tracking System

Professional Competitive Archer and bow hunting enthusiast Forest Carter Tests the ProTracker Tracking and Game Recovery system on Live Game.