The BAD BOYS™ in BIG Game Hunting

The BAD BOYS™ have been shown to be the best solution for adjusting weight on an arrow quickly and easily. In this article we will discuss the one feature of the BAD BOYS™ that is great for hunting big game, and we mean really big game.

Momentum equals velocity times mass. When hunting, momentum is all we care about. An object could travel at mach2 but if it has no mass, it would’t hurt a fruit fly. Inversely, an object could weigh 6 tons, but if it’s not moving, then so what? The same fruit fly is going to sit and take a nap on it.

In hunting we need to find the perfect balance in our arrows of velocity and mass in order to get the most momentum possible. When hunting big game, this is very important because it is crucial that our arrow has as much penetrating power as possible. This is even more important the bigger your prey gets.

Hunting Really Big Game

Many hunters dream of going to Africa and hunting exotic animals. Game in Africa is notoriously huge. The BAD BOYS™ range in sizes from 100 grains all the way up 300 grains for compound bows and 400 grains for crossbows. (400 grains is nearly 1 ounce.)

When hunting monsters of any kind, you want to ensure that you have enough weight on your arrow to get through their thick hide and tough muscles. In our experience, we have found that the BAD BOYS™ are best used on animals in this way:

100-125 grain: Whitetail, pronghorn, Mule deer

150-200 grain: Elk, black bear, wild boar

250-400 grain: Cape buffalo, grizzly bear, cape buffalo, elephant

If you’re interested in trying out these awesome products for yourself, visit our shop listing and test them out! We know you won’t be disappointed!