The ultimate

tracking and recovery system

Pro-Tracker® is the one sure way to recover your trophy.

Did the adrenaline rush of your big shot disappear
when you couldn’t find your trophy?




Regardless of nearly impossible terrain, weather conditions or no blood trail to follow, the patented ProTracker® Archery System will help you to locate your kill. The ProTracker® System has been field tested by experts in the archery industry. With the compact ProTracker® System you can track 6 different transmitters using the same receiver and best of all you can recharge the transmitters at home or in the field.


With the ProTracker® Archery System you’ll see virtually no difference in the trajectory of your arrow because of the aerodynamic carrier. Thorough testing has proven your arrow will only have a slight difference in trajectory. By practicing using the dummies you can adjust your equipment and become proficient in using the ProTracker® Archery System.


The ProTracker® Archery System will not detract from the method in which you choose to hunt; whether in a tree stand, ground blind or stalking your favorite game, it is the difference in locating your trophy quickly and accurately. The ProTracker® Archery System will give you many hours of use and the confidence to find and recover your Trophy.

Designed to help the archery hunter

in the successful recovery of game animals.

How it works

The receiver tells you the direction of the animal and provides continual updates with pinpoint accuracy to lead you within a few yards of your fallen trophy.


The Ultimate Tracking and Recovery System

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The ProTracker® is The Ultimate Tracking and Recovery System in helping to track and recover mortally wounded  game when the traditional tracking method has failed. Regardless of nearly impossible terrain, weather conditions or no blood trail to follow the Patented ProTracker® System will help you in locating your trophy. The ProTracker® is designed for all compound or crossbows . The ProTracker® System consists of a carrier that is attached  by screwing it in to the threaded insert of your choice of arrow. You can use any type of broadheads from fixed blades to expandables, attached by screwing it into the front of the carrier. A transmitter is inserted into the carrier held in place by a shear pin. The ProTracker® System  is balanced and aerodynamic using the special designed carrier.  Upon impact the transmitter detaches itself from the carrier as not to restrict the penetration. After detachment the transmitter becomes live and begins to send a RF signal to the receiver, prior to this the transmitter has been off conserving battery power. The receiver pinpoints the direction your trophy has gone, helping you to find and recover it.

  • Designed to help the archery hunter in the  successful recovery of game animals
  • Can be used on all compound bows and crossbows.
  • The Patented  design is aerodynamic and evenly balanced for optimum flight performance.
  • The ProTracker® transmitters are rechargeable and can be used over and over again.
  • The ProTracker® system has a range of up to 2 miles in optimum conditions
  • Fixed and expandable broadheads can be used with the ProTracker® System



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