What do we want? More Bow Hunters!


Recently we received the Archery Trade Association’s newsletter and had the pleasure of reading a study about the growing number of archers their 2016 census revealed and we couldn’t be more excited. Their research showed that the current number of archers has reached an astounding 21.6 million; yep you read that right 21.6 million. Now given, not all of those are bow hunters, but considering that even ten years ago archery in itself was a small niche often overlooked as a means of sport, the fact that we have surpassed the niche market and have climbed into the mainstream sports arena is cause for celebration. Within this large group of archers, the ATA estimates that we have roughly 2.9% of archers shoot targets, as well as bowhunt, and that of that 21.6 million, 11-12 million bowhunt; whether that be in a relaxed or intense fashion. Why is that so significant? Well, let’s look a little deeper.


With 21.6 million archers, that means that every single year 21.6 million people will be putting money into the archery industry. Not only will that help drive the economy, but that money funds advancements and research in archery equipment. Add in the fact that the more money that is spent, the more the archery world can expand, and the more credibility and focus is given to what is essentially an incredibly difficult and unique sport. The money spent on archery equipment and expos is not the only important addition the increase in archers offers either.


As of 2015, there were 12.5 million bowhunters in the United States. Therefore 12.5 million people purchased at least one tag causing an estimated $280 million dollars to go into wildlife conservation (Bowhunter magazine 2015). Excluding the rest of the archery world, bowhunters also had a $66 billion impact on the economy; thus providing hundreds of thousands of jobs. Considering that was in 2015 and we’ve seen a steady rise in the number of archers and bowhunters within the US, that number will only grow. We’ve seen increases in female bowhunters and had the pleasure of witnessing more and more make bowhunting a family excursion; and we have to say we are darned glad. We are so excited to have the opportunity to watch as archery and bowhunting get to enjoy their time in the limelight and show the country the dedication and skill all archers’ possess. Here’s to an awesome 2016 season and hats off to all of you talented archers out there!

Want more awesome details about the growth and expansion of the archery world? Then check out some more articles detailing the various ways the community is expanding on the Archery Trade Association website!

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