FOC What is it? Why Does it Matter?

Front of Center

To start, FOC in the archery world stands for front of center. This is a percentage measurement of how much weight is on the front half of an arrow. It is calculated using a simple formula. For now, just know that the higher the FOC the further forward the balance point on an arrow is.

Arrow FOC is an important element of how you tune your arrows. In the past, the main point of marketing for arrow manufactures was arrow speed. However, as archery technology has improved, archers have begun to see that there is much more that goes into the accuracy of an arrow’s trajectory than speed.
An arrow with a high FOC will fly very straight, but will lose trajectory much quicker. Arrows with a low FOC will fly further and faster, but accuracy will suffer. Determine the FOC of any arrow using this formula:

F.O.C. Calculation


Many people will say that an arrow’s FOC is only really important to archers who are taking long shots (such as competition archers), as FOC only really effects arrow flight past 20 yards. However, another crucial element that makes a huge difference to hunters (especially big game hunters) is the additional penetration that comes from an arrow with well-tuned FOC Getting an arrow to your target quickly and accurately won’t mean much if it can’t penetrate and take down your target.
Adjusting an arrow can be a little intimidating. Some options are adjusting the weight at the front or back of your arrow using different weighted knocks, fletchings or broad heads. However, you don’t want to adjust too much for fear of undoing all of your hard work. After all, it takes a long time to tune and sight in a bow.

So, that brings us to our newest product, the BAD BOYS™. These are simple and easy to use sleeves made of aircraft aluminum. They install easily and quickly, allowing you to make adjustments to your arrow anywhere, even from your blind or tree stand! They have been engineered to exact specifications, ensuring that you can adjust the FOC of your arrow accurately. The most incredible part of these products is that they are self-compensating. Each BAD BOY™ increases in diameter according to its specific weight, meaning that as the BAD BOY™ sits on your arrow rest, it rises up just enough to adjust the take-off of the arrow.

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