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    Traveling for Turkey: Our Favorite States to Hunt Toms

    As you guys have noticed, we’ve been a little turkey crazy lately what with the season fast approaching us here in Idaho, and if you’ve read our other article you know how much we love to travel when we bow hunt. So, in honor of both the great turkey and our wanderlust, we would like to present to you some of our very favorite places to go hunt turkey. We hope you’ll love these places just as much as we do, and with your Pro-Tracker along we’ll sure you’ll have an amazing hunt. So, without further delay, here is a list of some of our top 5 states to visit:



    We love Colorado, we aren’t going to lie. Huge mountains, big blue sky, the smell of spruce and pine everywhere. This is by far one of our favorite places to hunt. Not only does the changing terrain make it fun and challenging, the trees provide wonderful cover making turkey hunting a breeze. Add in the variety of amazing non-hunting, family friendly entertainment options and you have a perfect blend of family vacation and amazing hunting; which is why this is at the top of our list.



    Now, for those of you who have never visited ‘Bama, you most definitely should. Not only are the people friendly as all get out, the turkey hunting here is amazing. Alabama has one of the most generous bag limits coupled with large amounts of WMA land available for hunting and one of the highest turkey populations in the US; making this state prime for a perfect southern hunting experience. Plus, you can whet you whistle with gallons of sweet tea while waiting for your bird; and trust us when we say you haven’t had sweet tea until you’ve had it in the south



    The sheer number of turkeys that can be found in Missouri is baffling. Add in the crazy number of turkeys with huge amounts of public lands and you’ve got yourself a perfect turkey hunting cocktail. Hunting here will get you some great birds, while also giving you time to become one with nature in the southern Ozarks; which are well worth the trip to see all by their lonesome. Plus again, Missouri is in the south, so we have to utter those two beautiful words that are a reason to venture south all by themselves: sweet tea.



    Wisconsin is a great place for gobblers. The NWTF and Dept. of Natural resources has done a good job of regulation the turkey population. This state also has one of the less expensive turkey tags for out-of-staters, which puts it in as one of our top recommendations for hunters that want to travel on a budget. This state is also great for those newer to bow hunting, as it is one of the safest turkey hunting states. However, we must say, if you visit the cheese state to hunt a turkey and don’t pick up some of their delicious cheese, we aren’t sure we can be friends. After all, it’s called the cheese state for a reason, and that reason is delicious


    Pennsylvania and New York

    These two are tied for 5th place for us. If you’re desirous of an East Coast journey, either of these states will be amazing for turkey hunts. Both boast large populations as well as a large amount of potential hunting areas; be they public or private lodges. Add in the gorgeous scenery and you’ve got yourself one heck of a beautiful place to hunt. The cost of an out-of-state tag for either of these places is fairly comparable at around $100; give or take $20. The only downside here is that, depending on where in the state you decide to hunt, the toll roads may kill you. As people from areas where toll roads are few and far between, the tolls made us cry a little on the inside; though the view made it all worthwhile.


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