Archery Hunting Gear Maintenance Checklist

When it is time to seek out your prize winning trophy, the last thing you want to worry about is your gear; which is why making sure it’s all in good condition is imperative to a successful hunt. With a little bit of hunting equipment maintenance, you will be able to enjoy the hunt without the potential for a misery of problems. When gearing up for your hunt, a little bit of preparation goes a long way. Here is some basic gear maintenance that you should always go over before you load up for a hunt:

  • Your Bow: For any bow hunt, your bow is the main event. Make certain you check the limbs for cracks or dents. Even problems are rare, but you’ll want to check your riser for cracks as well. If you notice a problem, it is better the wait for replacement parts than risk a malfunction during your hunt. If you aren’t sure, take in to a dealer or local manufacturer for advice.
  • The String: Not all stings are created equal! If the manufacturer says to wax the string monthly, do it. You will want to check all of your strings for signs of wear and tear. Replace anything that shows damage.
  • Your Arrows: Your arrows see more wear and tear than all of your equipment combined, yet are often the most overlooked piece of your equipment. In fact, most bow hunting injuries stem from faulty arrows. Before you ever shoot an arrow, make sure to inspect it carefully. Pay attention to the points, making certain they are tight. Inspect the fletchings and make certain that the shafts are straight.
  • Your First Aid Kit: Even though you never want anything to happen while you are hunting, make certain that your first aid kit is fully stocked.
  • Tent and Sleeping bag: Even if you think they are in good condition, make certain that your tent poles are all accounted for and in proper working condition. While you are at it, you might as well give you sleeping bag and sleeping gear a once over. The last thing you want to do is think you have a nice cozy shelter only to find out that your kids packed it away wet and you get to smell mildew all night.
  • ProTracker System: It is also a goodtime to check your ProTracker system. If you notice the transmitters aren’t recharging, you can quickly order replacement parts. If you are missing any cables or plugs, we have everything you need to make certain your game retrieval equipment is working right, so you are ready for the big day.
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