Reviewer Agreement

This contract was made on March 27, 2020. This contract is between the Reviewer and Pro-Tracker.

Pro-Tracker and the Reviewer acknowledge the terms of this Contract and will comply.

This contract will begin upon the completed delivery of the product and will end 30 days from the completed delivery date.

The Reviewer will order one(1) 3-pack of the BAD BOYS™ through the Pro-Tracker website. The reviewer will be responsible for payment of product and its associated fees. Upon delivery, the Reviewer will have 30 days to use, test and further familiarize themself with the product.  Within the same 30 days the Reviewer will be responsible for creating at least one(1) social media post with the topic being the product and a related review. The post(s) must be approved by Pro-Tracker prior to posting. Reviewer will submit potential content to for review. Upon approval and subsequent posting of the content, Pro-Tracker will refund the reviewer in full for the purchase of the single 3-pack of BAD BOYS™ and its associated fees.  Should the Reviewer purchase more than one 3-pack, additional purchases will not be refunded.
Should the Reviewer not produce and post said content within the allotted 30 days, the Reviewer will not be refunded. 


A. The Reviewer will place an order for a single 3-pack of the BAD BOYS™ using the shopping pages.

B. The Reviewer agrees to responsibility for the cost of the single 3-pack of BAD BOYS™ and its associated fees.

D. In the event that this agreement is violated by the Reviewer, they will not be refunded for the purchase. 

A. The Reviewer should create original content which is decent, honest, and factual.
B. An approval from the advertiser is required before uploading the content. Submit content to for approval.
C. The approved created content will be shared by the influencer to his/her social media accounts.
D. The advertiser can request the influencer to add tags, links, or titles in the description of the uploaded media.
E. The content should be compliant with the terms and conditions of the social media platform being used.
F. The content should not contain any vulgar language and should be suited for everyone.

The Reviewer will own the copyright of the uploaded media. However, both parties are allowed to share it to their own respective channels.

This contract is strictly confidential and only authorized persons are allowed to see.

This contract can only be changed or modified through the written consent of both parties (Pro-Tracker and Reviewer).

This contract shall be governed under the laws of Idaho.

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