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The Protracker® Radio Frequency Transmitter Alpha is a rechargeable, lightweight, water resistant transmitter that disengages from the arrow upon impact; not affecting penetration and allowing for pass-throughs. The transmitter hooks into the animal’s hide and begins sending Radio Frequency (RF) signals every three seconds for the duration of the battery life (18-20 hours). You will need the Protracker® Receiver to read and track the signal.

The Alpha model of the Radio Frequency Transmitter comes in a Bright Green color that is optimized for high visibility in low light conditions. It also features a High Tensile Strength Steel Hook with corrosion resistant nickel plating and three barbs for maximum durability and hold.

( 47 CFR FCC part 97 )
Our low powered Pro-Tracker transmitter shipped to addresses within the USA,operate only on Amateur Radio frequencies. According to FCC regulations, they require licensing for legal operation. There are no restrictions on their sale or possession, however Pro-Tracker urges users to become familiar with and observe all laws and regulations governing Amateur Radio licensing and operation of the transmitters. Please note that Amateur Radio is not for commercial use. If you want to learn more about ham radio or to be licensed as a Technician Class ham radio operator please or