Pro-Tracker Wounded Animal Tracking System Alpha Model

The Pro-Tracker System allows you a much better chance of recovering when you’ve lost blood trail, when you’ve lost tracks, or when it rains.

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What is Pro-Tracker?


Pro-Tracker® is a bowhunting radio frequency tracking system.

  • – The carrier screws onto your arrow shaft and the transmitter sits in the carrier.

  • – When the arrow connects with the target, the transmitter detaches itself from the carrier and attaches itself to the animal’s hide.

  • – The arrow is able to pass all the way through the animal for ethical shots.

  • – The transmitter then emits a specific radio frequency signal which can be picked up from up to 2 miles away.

  • – The Pro-tracker® Receiver then tracks that radio frequency signal and allows you to track how close you are to the transmitter for the recovery of all wounded game.

Chris Buckner Hunting

The best thing about the Pro-Tracker Game Recovery System is that it is actually that simple. It doesn’t continue to get more complicated as you get deeper into the hunt. You just follow the strongest signal and it will lead you directly to your game.

– Chris Buckner, Wide Open Spaces, TX

Randy hunting…ProTracker far exceeded my expectations in how well the Device Performs. The accuracy of my bow was unaffected out to 50 yards plus, in fact it may have even improved. System is easy to use and very helpful in the recovery of big game.

– Gordon R. Smith, President of Mountain Archery Corp., ID


Jim Sullivan Hunting

Let’s talk turkey! Last spring during Michigan’s turkey season I hit a big tom a little forward. The bird ducked into a swamp and under the marsh grass. A hit in the breast does not leave you much to follow as there is very little blood trail. Unbeknown to me the bird did a hard dog leg right once it got into the marsh. My Pro-Tracker showed that we needed to go right for about 40 yards down the edge. We found the bird hidden under the grass completely out of sight. The tracking system worked perfectly! Without it we may have not have been able to recover the bird as it was so well buried. Pro-Tracker works great on turkeys! Give it a try…you won’t hunt without it!

– Jim Sullivan, MI

Joyce Smith HuntingThis was the most exciting hunt I have been on. After three days of hunting, finally I was able to get the shot. Without the Pro-Tracker system I don’t beleive I would have found my prized bull elk. The shot created very little blood and with the rain no blood trail was to be found. My Pro-Tracker system allowed me to locate my trophy. I love Pro-Tracker!

– Joyce Smith, CA


What Is New In Alpha II?

Radio Frequency Transmitter Alpha on Arrow

Transmitter Alpha II:

Radio Frequency Transmitter Alpha

The Pro-Tracker® Radio Frequency Transmitter Alpha II is a rechargeable, lightweight, water resistant transmitter that disengages from the arrow upon impact; not affecting penetration and allowing for pass-throughs.

The transmitter hooks into the animal’s hide and begins sending Radio Frequency (RF) signals every three seconds for the duration of the battery life (18-20 hours). You will need the Pro-Tracker® Receiver to read and track the signal.

The Alpha II model of the Radio Frequency Transmitter has a new rechargeable battery that lasts 18 to 20 hours. It also comes in a Bright Green color that is optimized for high visibility in low light conditions.

It features a high tensile strength steel hook with corrosion resistant nickel plating and three barbs for maximum durability and hold.


7075 Aluminum Carrier:

7075 Aluminum Carrier

This lightweight aerodynamic 7075 Aluminum Carrier is what screws into your arrow and holds the Pro-Tracker Radio Frequency Transmitter.

The Carrier is made from a 7075 aluminum alloy which is typically used in aerospace programs such as airplanes and NASA. It is the strongest aluminum alloy in the market and made to resist high velocity impacts.

The Carrier’s aerodynamic designed automatically compensates for the weight and shape of the Radio Frequency Transmitter, meaning minimal adjustments to your equipment for the same precision.


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