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The Importance of FOC in Hunting Arrows

When looking into the technical aspects of modern-day archery, it’s easy to get confused and overwhelmed by the amount of information. Often lost in the discussion of efficiency in the
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bad boys foc arrow weight momentum

Archery Accuracy Tips

When it comes to the life of an animal, it is imperative that we do all that we can to ensure that taking that life is quick, clean, and respectful.
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The BAD BOYS™ in BIG Game Hunting

The BAD BOYS™ have been shown to be the best solution for adjusting weight on an arrow quickly and easily. In this article we will discuss the one feature of
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What Are the BAD BOYS™ Recently, the archery world has been talking more and more about FOC (front of center) and how important it is. One problem that many people
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Arrow Penetration

Momentum = Penetration Last week, we talked about what FOC (front of center) is and why it matters to you as an archer. This week, we’ll dive a little deeper
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FOC What is it? Why Does it Matter?

Let's talk about FOC. What is it? Why does it matter?
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